The Carnaúba Project

We believe in a balanced lifestyle integrated in nature that truly merges living, learning, working, and having fun.

The meaning of a good life has lost much of its essence along the way.
It’s hard to sense it in urban environments where we are always pressed for time, juggling work and leisure over our life cycles, missing out on new experiences and connections.

We envision a life less scripted.

Our mission is to dream up and implement sustainable, low density real estate ventures where a community of like-minded people can enjoy a healthy and conscious lifestyle in harmony with next-generation values:

To preserve local flora and fauna, protect the region from overdevelopment,
and join forces with the local communities, respecting and supporting their lifeways.

Vila Carnaúba

That is why what we build, where we build, and how we build will always be mindful of employing locally sourced materials, native species of flora, and the craftsmanship of the local workforce.

We dream big, and have skin in this dream.
We look forward to being neighbors.


For all its natural beauty, and despite the high demand for windsports in the region, the area around Vila Carnaúba faces a shortage of hotel infrastructure. Residential offerings for rental or purchase are even more scarce.

Moved by this state of affairs, and the aspiration to protect the region from overdevelopment, the founders of Flow conceived a project with a whole new paradigm for sustainable, eco-friendly real estate developments in Brazil.

To that end, a vast regional landbank was acquired to mastermind urban planning and land use according to superior international standards. Flow has big plans for the whole region, and Vila Carnaúba is our flagship and point of departure.


To maintain ecological balance and avoid the depletion of natural resources, we are planning infrastructural improvements that go far beyond the scope of a real-estate development, and positively impact the whole region. We are planning in fact a sustainable city, and the following projects are in our pipeline:

Solar energy plant

Recycling plant

Water and wastewater treatment plant

Health outpost (in collaboration with the SAS Brasil social project)

Education: A project-based school with an inclusive approach towards

The participation of the local population

Workshops and technical courses to promote the community’s

Socieconomic growth in step with the region’s development

Vila da Barrinha Project: to preserve and support

The local historical vilage of Barrinha

Preá Village’s revitalization

Communal organic vegetable garden

The Team

A multi-disciplinary real-estate startup formed by entrepreneurs with different backgrounds and experiences ranging from finance and technology to design, architecture, real-estate development, and hospitality.

Julio Capua


Christian Bendixen


Frederico Ferreira


Eduardo Juaçaba

Legal & Institutional Relations

Bruno de Paoli


José Bernardo

CEO VIla Carnaúba

Mariano Pessôa

New Business

Ilana Siqueira


Janine Capua


João de Sousa Machado

OPY Architecture

Dustin Haggett

Local Experience

Alexia Bergallo

Marketing & Product

Maria Eduarda Migliora


Rafaela Marsillac


Ana Luiza Velloso


Pedro Peracio

Design / Content