Unmatched Accessibility

Vila Carnaúba is located in a pristine region along the coast of Ceará. Northeast Brazil, 20km South from the quaint village of Jericoacoara. JJD Airport enables easy access with a 15-minute airport-to-doorstep transfer.

JJD Airport is expected to introduce international flights in 2022.

Departing from
São Paulo
3:25 h
Rio de Janeiro
2:50 h
Belo Horizonte
2:45 h
6 h
6 h


Vila Carnaúba sits in the midst of the white sand dunes, lagoons, mangroves, and turquoise water shoals that make up the Ceará coastline biomas.

The local flora and fauna are rich in native fruit trees, typical species of palm trees, colorful birds such as the Martim-Pescador, and local varieties of marine life.

Nature remains untouched there, and we intend to keep it so.

But it’s not only about preserving the biomas around our community, because Vila Carnaúba’s built environment was designed to incorporate and be incorporated into nature.

By making use of local building materials and craftsmanship, a pleasant aesthetic continuum between nature and architecture is achieved for a lifestyle fully integrated with the ecological niche.

Sunny and warm all year round, the richness of local biomas provide myriad landscapes as the ideal scenarios for exploration, multiple outdoor activities, and sports.


A word about the wind.

It’s out of this world: steady 20-35 knots cross-onshore for 7 to 9 months a year.

With a shoreline extension allowing for multiple kilometers of downwind, and water temperatures between 26 and 28°C throughout the year, windsport aficionados of all modalities – kitesurfing, windsurfing, sailing – may achieve a state of flow in this nirvana for windsports.

Easy beach access with kite-in/ kite-out experience, a cutting-edge Kite Club & School, and an abundance of sea space to kite, maneuver, and go aerial, should you be so bold. Kitesurfing is growing exponentially, and will make its Olympic debut in Paris 2024.

Even though the State of Ceará received only 150K kiters in 2019, it has already hosted the PKRA and GKA world competitions, and is expected to receive as many as 1MM kiters by 2025.

And in all of Ceará, Vila Carnaúba’s conditions for windsports are simply unrivaled. Period.

Northeast Brazil

The Brazilian Northeast region is famed for the friendliness of its people, and the richness of its culture. It has created its own musical styles (Forró, Baião), developed local stories into an original literary genre (Cordel), conceived its own mix of dance and martial arts (Capoeira), worshipped in the colorful traditions of Afro-Brazilian religions (Umbanda, Candomblé), and elevated the African flavors it inherited to create its own cuisine based on seafood and local aromatics. The people of Northeast Brazil is also well-known for its laid-back, easygoing attitude towards life, which focuses on basic values such as friends, family, and fun